• Congratulations!

    As parents, you have the opportunity to decide to have your son circumcised. NEWBORN MD provides a clean, safe, and private setting for your son’s procedure...

  • Infant Circumcision

    Each year, over 1,500 families choose Dr. Witz to perform their son’s circumcision. This is an important decision, so Dr. Witz recommends that the procedure be done shortly after your child has been discharged from the hospital. Dr.Witz sees infants from 1-6 weeks of age, premature infants, and infants with special needs...

    Infant Circumcision
  • About Dr. Witz

    Dr. Aaron M. Witz is a board-certified pediatrician. He received his medical degree from the University of Washington and completed his residency at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Witz has been skillfully trained by pediatric urologists and surgeons proficient in this specialized procedure...

    About Dr. Witz
  • Bris and Mohel Services

    Dr. Witz is also a certified mohel.  Personalized ceremonies are performed in the office as well as in homes, community centers, and synagogues in the Greater Seattle area and throughout the state of Washington...

    Bris and Mohel Services

Circumcision is a sacred ritual for many cultures, religions, and nations. We respect all families and their decision to choose or choose not to have this procedure done.

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